Client Testimonials

Full Name: Michele Rivarola
Company Carifro Consulting Engineers
Position Consulting Mechanical and Fire Engineer
“Unrivalled competence and “can do” approach to all projects”
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Full Name: Kenneth van Niekerk
Company Dpro Project Management Services
Position Senior Project Manager
I have worked closely with Stefan over the past three years during major contracts with Mercedes Benz
of South Africa (MBSA) in preparation for the new W 206 C- Class.
Stefan is appointed as the SHE manager for all safety related aspects of the total numerous complex
plant projects including the new Automatic Storage and Retrieval System, Body Shop, Paint Shop,
Assembly and various Infrastructure projects.
Stafan is the appointed lead for ensuring strict adherence to the various SHE regulations among the
many local and international contractors and sub contractors on site.
Stefan’s performance and contribution to the excellent safety record thus far on the project is
exemplary and his company has set a new bench mark for MBSA.
Stefan has built a solid reputation at MBSA for his total thorough diligent and dedicated approach to
SHE matters which bears testimony in the outstanding safety record achieved over the life of this
enormously technically challenging project.
I can highly recommend Stefan’s company as an asset to any company who may consider his
employment for which the rewards for his services will pay dividends in a professional hands-on
execution of his responsibilities.
I may be contacted anytime should further information be required.
Kenneth van Niekerk.
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Full Name: Carsten Wallbrecht
Company Mercedes Benz South Africa
Position Architect
 The work with Stefan Marais and his Team was very
professional during the last years. Regarding the topic
“safety” he shows PASSION every day and has the skills to
emphasis the risks and dangers on site nicely.
Our complete team trusted his team, on a 24/7 job with
hundreds of workers and the amount of injuries was
extremely small during the years 2017 – 2020. In case of
injuries he managed it with big experience and very
Thank you very much


Sigeko Solutions, the HSE Management Company sub-contracted to Consortia have
been managing the health and safety aspects our w206 construction project
throughout this period very professionally and diligently. The company has showed
utmost importance to handle the safety and related findings or incidents with due
care and assurance. It is evident that their hard work contributed these projects with
reduced incident rates and the projects run through with no work stoppage or no
major incident and related delays because of their management with sucient


Siven Naidoo
Company Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN
Position SHEQ manager
Stefan and his team displayed a level of professionalism and subject matter
knowledge that is not very common on many projects. Their regular contribution to
health and safety on our site has no doubt helped improve our current and future
safety programs. They are no doubt an asset not just to their own company but to the
industry in general.

Full Name: Andries Buys
Company Mercedes-Benz South Africa Ltd
Position Manager Facilities Planning
Stefan provides a very professional service. It was clear from the onset
that they are experts in their eld. They give clear and concise advice for Health &
Safety related matters. They were very effective in controlling a large site with a
large number of personnel on site at any given time.


Health and Safety Specialists

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