We offer a broad spectrum of Health and Safety Management Services.

We offer to our client’s comprehensive overview in terms of legal responsibilities.

We have a hands-on approach with regards to all service providers reporting to the client.

We ensure client legal responsibilities are met and by doing this we alleviate any potential negative impact on the business operations, due to non-compliance.

During initial stages of project development we facilitate the process of analysing potential risk associated to the project. Once completed a comprehensive assessment is drafted to included mitigating measures.

The project Health and Safety Specification is compiled to ensure legal and client specific requirements are established based on all aspects identified during the assessment.

We have established a practical approach to ensure that the implementation of the relevant legislation and the controls associated to it, is as streamlined as possible to minimize unwanted exposure, cost and delays.

We have established good working relationships with Department of Labour officials and we facilitate the entire process of obtaining the required approval to commence with Construction work.


Our methods of submitting the relevant information to obtain the approval has been tried and tested and approval is issued within the specific time period.

Taking into consideration Legal Requirements, Client Specific requirements as well as industry best practise principles we implement sound systems that have a positive outcome on the project. With this approach it creates the buy in from both Management and employee as the systems are user friendly and practical.

Our Management System creates a positive oversight in terms of monitoring and identifying the current level of compliance presented by service providers and clients wishing to obtain a realistic and practical culture.

Our Incident Investigation process is ahead of time. The objective of the investigation is to establish a true and viable root cause.


The actual outcome includes:


  • Identified failures
  • Contributing factors
  • Root cause
  • Corrective actions
  • Lessons learnt

The purpose of the investigation is to identify the shortfalls as this is often mistaken for a reason to pass blame and in effect this does not address the underlying cause of incidents.

Compliance Management services help increase safety and reliability, enhance efficiency and decrease risk.


As regulations and standards change, we are at the forefront of understanding how to address these changes will affect our clients operations.


We provide comprehensive, technical solutions that can help verify compliance and even increase efficiency and profitability.

Our experienced subject matter experts can evaluate your management system in comparison to new standards and develop and implement any necessary changes to your existing infrastructure.

We will work with your organization to help your Company meet or exceed industry regulations and standards while continuing to operate efficiently and

effectively in the respective areas.


Health and Safety Specialists

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